Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 8, 2015

NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, the "Company") will handle your information it has acquired through its provision of "NAVITIME for Japan Travel" (hereinafter, the "Service") in accordance with the following regulations (hereinafter, these "Regulations").

1. Definition of Personal Information 2. Information to be Acquired 3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information 4. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties 5. Outsourcing of the Handling of Personal Information

The Company may consign the handling of personal information, in part or whole, to a third party within the scope necessary to manage the information obtained from customers in relation to the Service, respond to enquiries and consultation from customers, engage in operations arising in relation to purchase of the Service by customers and to achieve the purposes set forth in Article 3 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information).

6. Use of Cookies and Information Collection Modules 7. Request for Disclosure

The Company will respond to the following requests from you or your agent in relation to your "personal information subject to disclosure". For more information about this procedure, please contact the reception desk listed in Article 12 (Enquiries Concerning Personal Information)

8. Voluntariness of Personal Information Provision

If you do not wish to provide your personal information, please uninstall the application or discontinue use of the Service.

9. Secure Management of and Access to Personal Information

The Company has enacted company regulations pertaining to the handling of personal information based on laws and regulations and domestic guidelines, etc., makes these regulations well known to its employees, and takes safety management and preventive measures in relation to the handling of personal information.
The Company will properly delete and dispose of the personal information you have provided in accordance with the company regulations if you unsubscribe from the Service.
The Company will also endeavor to promptly respond to your requests concerning the update of personal information you have provided. However, the Company may refuse to respond to requests that are repeatedly made without good reason and requests for which responding would impose a technically excessive burden (such as the deletion of data from backup data, etc.)

10. Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization and Destination for Filing Complaints

The name of the authorized personal information protection organization to which the Company is affiliated and the destination for filing complaints are as follows:

<Name of the authorized personal information protection organization to which the Company is affiliated> <Destination for filing complaints> 11. Revision to these Regulations

These Regulations may be revised at the discretion of the Company in order to respond to laws and regulations and domestic guidelines, etc. These revisions shall take effect upon the revised Regulations being displayed on this webpage. However, in the event the Company will make major revisions that will have a significant impact on you, it will first provide a reasonable advance notification period and notify you of the revisions in an easy to understand manner through the Service before displaying the revised Regulations on this page.

12. Enquiries Concerning Personal Information

Please direct enquiries concerning personal information to the following contact.

Contact Personal Information Customer Service Department
Minami-Aoyama Tokyu building 3-8-38 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Privacy Administrator Compliance officers, Legal & Intellectual Property
Tel (81)3-3402-0701
FAX (81)3-3402-0858